Letter of Thanks to Doug Veerkemp General Engineering

Dear Mr. Veerkamp,

We are writing you this letter to express our thanks for such a great job your company has done for us. Particularly, the work done by your employee, Craige Emery. We too own a business, ... . From our experience of hiring employees, it can be such a blessing to find a person so dedicated and hard working as Craige Emery. You are very fortunate to have this man representing your company. He not only did the job he came to do, but so much more. This man is an artist and a sculptor. He has turned our mountain in Rescue, CA into a Mount Rushmore. Whatever needed to be done, at any given time, was done and done correctly. We can't say enough about the job he has done for us. We sincerely thank you and your company.


Scott & Dehnay P