Letter of Thanks to Doug Veerkemp General Engineering

July 17.2004

Dear Doug,

On behalf of myself and many other El Dorado District PG&E employee's I would like to thank you and your employees for so generously assisting Mrs. Nave, a Marine widow, with her utility trenching. It has been an honor to assist Carrie with her project, As I learned more about her and the situation surrounding her family. I remain impressed with her courage and strength.

It was originally my hope to utilize both volunteer labor and equipment from PG&E. While strong local support existed for the project I was unable to convince regional managers at PG&E to allow weekend use of Company equipment. Needless to say we were left tremendously disappointed at this point, I contacted you for assistance, never dreaming you would be so enthusiastic and take on the entire project!

I cannot thank you enough for your generous donation of equipment, material and manpower. Your willingness to assist a member of our community is testimony to the giving, concerned spirit that exists in El Dorado County. Also, please know that Jim Moore is an excellent ambassador for Veerkamp Engineering. Jim's prompt handling of the project was exemplary.

It is a shame PG&E as a corporation did not recognize the merits of assisting Mrs Nave, it is comforting to know that citizens such as yourself are willing to step forward to help a worthy cause in our community.


Mark A