Letter of Thanks to Doug Veerkemp General Engineering

Hi Doug, about 18 or so years ago you asphalted my rather large driveway and circle to my property. It was when you were small and you measured the jab personally. I was really happy with the work and although the asphalt has some cracks now (like me) it still looks pretty good ...... Fast forward to today and I had Tony out to measure my latest project. The price was reasonable I he was caring, patient and full of good ideas and I was glad to be able to use you once again. The job was done sooner than scheduled and that made me very happy to beat winter.

The reason why I am writing is to inform you and compliment your great staff. EVERYONE here was great!!!! There was a huge focus on my happiness from everyone working here. While you may think that is normal and expected practice at your company, I know that I am a picky bastard and keeping me thrilled with a job is no easy task. These guys did little extras, without asking that made the job so much nicer. The focus was what I was trying to accomplish not just on the asphalt. Great customer service is hard to find these days and it is nice to see that although you have grown, what got you there is still clearly at the top of the list. I have already talked to my neighbor about all of this and they have a long driveway they will want you to do.

Many thanks to you and your staff.


Paul S.