Letter of Thanks to Doug Veerkemp General Engineering

November 10, 2008

Dear Doug Veerkamp,

The Board and residents of Christian Valley Park, CSD would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your timely, professional, and courteous job extending the water main. We were all excited to see the project finished so quickly and efficiently. The project was completed several months ahead of our expectations. At the regular Board meetings, the Gayle Loop residents were excited to report the progress that they witnessed and how everyone loved to "walk" around noting the many daily improvements. The project has brought many of the residents together for mutual benefit.

As with any project, there will always be at least small hiccups in the construction side of the project. When the smallest of problems occurred, they were always resolved quickly which was greatly appreciation by the residents. One example was when someone's flowers were disrupted. The project manager immediately went down to Home Depot and replaced her flowers with a sizeable gift certificate. This kindness was echoed by all of your employees in their interaction with the local residents or anyone who may have a question about what was happening. Your bid to Christian Valley Park, CSD was very competitive and other bidders predicted that you would need to request various change orders to make up the difference. We were very pleased that any change orders were due to Christian Valley Park, CSD needing something different or omitting something off the plans. This is an outstanding credit to your integrity and work ethic.

Thank you again for your fantastic and professional job on the Gayle Loop Project for Christian Valley. Park, CSD. We have confidence that your business will remain successful because of your great workmanship, competitive pricing and friendly employees. We would be happy to offer positive feedback if contacted as a reference.


Don Elias
General Manager

Jim Miller
President of the Board