Letter of Thanks to Doug Veerkemp General Engineering

Re: Exceptional Service for Cal/EPA - California Integrated Waste Management Board,during the Angora Structural Debris Removal, South Lake Tahoe, California

Dear Mr. Veerkamp: Doug

After completing my assignment in Southern California with the Wildfire Storm of 2007, I have had time to reflect on the accomplishment of the first ever coordinated structural removal program at Angora, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and Doug Veerkamp General Engineering, Inc" for your monumental efforts, With your help we were able to cleanup 100% of the 256 destroyed structures and remove the burned structural debris and concrete in 38 days. Your resources, water tenders, water tower, low beds, and debris haulers were always ready and operational. During the project your company and Mr. Heath Lesher consistently met my changing objectives, even with only a few hours notice. We chased many deadlines including winter in South Lake Tahoe, and met every one of them, Your company, Doug Veerkamp made it happen when it counted for a community.

Throughout my fifteen years as a responder and engineer to some of the largest environmental disasters throughout California and nationally, I have developed "field trust" with individuals and companies that are committed to assisting and mitigating problems in a community. Doug Veerkamp General Engineering is now part of that team, "Field trust" is not something I take lightly; you have shown me that your company from the foremen to the operators can make it happen in a safe manner. We completed 28,000 labor hours during this incident without one accident. Doug Veerkamp General Engineering and its employees have shown me they are dedicated to assisting the public sector and a community in a time of need, Thank you!

Should you like to personally speak with me I may be reached at ... or my cell at ... . Thank you for your outstanding service and assisting us in "changing the way government does business."

Todd T, P.E,

Operations Chief,
Angora Fire Debris Removal
California Integrated Waste Management Board