Residential Services

DVGE has been providing homeowners with residential site development and improvements for over 37 years. Our experienced staff with the latest laser and GPS technology along with our trucking and material resources will complete your project on time and within your budget.

• Site Clearing, demolition and trucking debris removal
• Excavate and compact building pads and driveways
• Import or export fill material or excess spoils
• Footing and foundation excavation
• Utility trenching, water, sewer, gas, and electrical
• Site drainage, culverts and ditches
• Septic systems and leach fields – new or repair
• Rockery walls – both retaining and landscape
• Finish grading, gravel and paving of driveways

Client Testimonials

5 Star Service

Grizzly Flats Community District
The work done by Doug Veerkamp General Engineering was exceptional. Everyone we worked with was professional and efficient including Mark Rawlings, Travis Skarka, Jon Teie, Debra Owens and all of the crew members who worked on our project. We want to thank them for an excellent job! Construction was completed quickly and efficiently with very little disruption to our water system or our community.

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5 Star Service

Bella Vista Homes
We are very pleased with the services provided by Veercamp on our custom homes in El Dorado County. Tom and Jim were just great on the recent project in Francisco Oaks. Everyone who worked on the project was very professional, thorough and easy to work with. All of our projects this year have gone extremely well and we appreciate the excellent customer service.

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5 Star Service

Gallagher Road & Land Owners Association
Many of our members, including myself, have used your company in the past for various projects. So we were pleased to have your paving division bid on our road repairs for 2006. Gallagher Road is a two lane chipped and sealed road around 3 miles long. It's twisty and goes up a foothill so it always has a good amount of repairs annually. We were very excited that your bid was in line and we awarded you the contract to complete our 2006 road repairs including a one-mile chip and seal overlay.

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