Utility Special Equipment Sacramento
Asphalt Grinder
Primarily for small jobs to restore asphalt surfaces. Ideal for milling imperfections prior to resurfacing, removing deteriorated pavement, removing traffic lane striping and jobs where the use of a large planer is limited.
Backhoe Auger
The Backhoe Auger easily handles 12", 24" and 36" holes for fence post, deck piers, or even large site lighting foundations. The Auger allows us to dig holes in difficult areas and in hard soil conditions providing you with the right tool for the right application. Stop digging with a square bucket, dig a round hole each and every time.
Flat Saw
Our Saw can cut quickly and precisely flat surfaces such as roadways, floors, bridge decks etc. and can be cut up to a depth of 12”. We can handle all traffic control and site cleanup as well as ensuring saw slurry is vacuumed and properly disposed of.
Utility Special Equipment
Our Sweeper is available to clean parking lots, public and private streets and highways. We can help maintain construction sites, track-out and haul routes as well as street gutters and the vacuuming small drain inlets.
The Trencher is designed for cutting narrow straight trenches in soil prior to laying electrical, telephone, and cable lines or small water and gas pipe.
Vacuum Excavator
We have two different size Vacuum Excavators able to take care of unwanted fluids and spills in and around manholes, catch basins, meter boxes, storm drains, cellars, conduit and pipe, vehicle wash pits, gutters, grease traps, and many other areas. Soft excavation capabilities include digging postholes, exposing and locating lines, cleaning utility boxes, and street repair.
Breaker Hammer
We have a variety of rock breaking hammers to bust most any size rock encountered. From a backhoe size of 1,200lbs of breaking force all the way up to the 12,000lb of hammer force to fit our largest excavator.