Letter of Thanks to Doug Veerkemp General Engineering

I have been observing your daily operation north of Arden and West of Eastern Avenue. I no longer work so I get to watch. What a privilege! Background on me. I am retired from the Air Force with responsibilities for men, machinery, and material including support to aircraft and missiles. Accustomed to heavy equipment and precision performance I have been thrilled to see the technical precision and polite speed of your team. The dance of the trencher, the truckers removing the dirt, the crews laying the pipe, the immediate replacement of the dirt and other materials to refill the trench and the efficient roller and laying the asphalt was as eye watering as the military guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

I should say that I live at an intersection so this was all going on in four directions AND there was no inconvenience to the homeowners.

Hats off to Jon Teie, working supervisor/foreman, who has been informative and totally reassuring that there would be no inconvenience. What a delight.

I have tried to let the workers know with a smile or friendly wave how much I respect their professionalism. Please pass this along to everyone, the heavy equipment operators to the men who dig with shovels and put out and collect the road signs.


Doris W